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We’re a team of India’s most trusted and reliable professional technicians providing services in various fields like appliance repair, maintenance services like pest control, deep cleaning and whatnot. All our technicians are qualified and certified in various fields of expertise. We provide the best services with the best affordable and reasonable pricing according to the rate card.

Our Goal

We strive hard every single day for two most important things one is customer satisfaction and the other our satisfaction and we get that with the first one. We truly believe customer satisfaction comes from the quality of the services we provide and the work we do. We constantly improve our work and we keep sophisticating our equipments to bring out the best.

Our Promise

As mentioned our goal is to see the happy faces of our customers when we leave their faces and for that, we never compromise to give out the best deals and warranties to improve the trust every customer keeps on us. If in any case, you are not satisfied with any service we provided, you can call us and we will provide free rework within 90 days after the original work done.


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Experience exponential B2B growth with us as we tackle your workspace challenges, allowing you to stay focused on your goals. Join now and thrive together!


Revolutionary repairs

Elevate your space

Breakthrough automation

Unparalleled procurement

Inspire success

Leading transformation

Tailored solutions


We empower businesses with tailored skill development solutions, enhancing productivity and comfort in the workplace.

Words from


rebuilt founder

Co-founder, Rebuilt

Abhishek Bindal

We’re not just a big company started off famous. We came from zero and we’ve travelled miles to reach the successful position we’re in right now and the journey isn’t a simple straight road. It is a road with a lot of ups and downs, man holes and we crossed all of them and crossing them every day.

We know the value of this position we’re in because we strived for it and to stay loyal to the customers and continue being the best, we never neglect the quality or work we do; we give our 100 percent in every single task we do.

rebuilt founder

Co-founder, Rebuilt

Rahul Bindal

We started this company 3 years ago with about 25 employees. All we wanted is to serve our few customers with our very best and grow. We kept doing that and all the hard work is never left unanswered. We started very small and we grew and in this journey, all we strived and are striving for is perfect and best work and customer satisfaction. All our technicians give their best which is the reason a lot of our workers are with us right from the start. Their dedication made our pillars strong and we’ll keep striving with new challenges every single day.


Working With Best Clients & Partners

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Are you prepared to lead your business through a journey of remarkable transformationGet in touch with us today, and let the creativity and expertise of REBUILT ignite your business's true potential. Together, we'll build a future of prosperity and success!

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