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We are in this field of providing online door step appliance repairs, home need services to the customers and procurement services to specific professionals. Since some time and in this span, we’ve made some rules and regulations to keep up all the time that can’t be broke ever. Being a customer to our company, we promise you your safety, satisfaction and services.

We make sure we do our best in providing services as well as taking the best care of the customers. By checking the box and using or services, you confirm that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions specified here with consent. We are committed to taking the utmost safety measures for your online safety. We protect your personal data respecting your privacy. In order to provide you with the best service we could, we do need some specific information about you for which, we collect that data.

This policy explains you how we store, access and use all the information about you that we gathered via our website.



  • To who does this policy applies?

    • ​​​This policy is applied to all the end users out there who avail our services by using our platform. For avoiding the ambiguity, end users refer to every individual who is utilizing our services via or website. By using our platform and or services, you provide us your 100 percent consent on collection, storage and usage of your personal information that you provide to us as well as the information the website collects in the background according to this policy.

  • Constant review and updating

    • We constantly check or privacy policy and update it on how we could provide you with the utmost terms and conditions that avail your privacy as well as give you the best services. We request you too to constantly review the policy to make sure the personal data we store about you is accurate and current (updated). In case of any change or update in the information you provided, please let us know or update it in your account bio.

  • Third-party access

    • This platform does contain some links to other third-party plug-ins and websites which when clicked leads you to their host websites. By doing this, those third-party websites might get enabled with your data and can collect or share the information. We can neither control nor endorse these plug-ins and we are not responsible for their privacy statements. If you wanted to know or use those third-party services, we suggest you to go across their privacy policy to make sure the safety is not at stake.



We collect the information that you provide to us via filling the form or creating your account, along with that, we collect data about you which include:

  • Contact Details: Includes your mailing address, phone numbers, email information

  • Identity: Your name, username of the account, photographs, gender

  • Communications data: This includes the data you post in the service requests, offers, feedback about the services provided, pictures, blog discussions, chat boxes, user surveys, polls, your preferences. Along with this, all the call and message records of your interactions with our service professionals are stored.

  • Technical data: IP address of the device you are accessing the platform, browser type, internet service provider, OS in the system, time, page views, device ID, device type, frequency of visiting our website and the usage of our platform, application activity, and location data if the access is given.

  • Contact Details: Includes your mailing address, phone numbers, email information.

  • Transaction data includes the information about how you use the services, a limited collection of your credit and debit card information provided to us to track the payment details, UPI IDs.

  • Usage data: This includes information about how you use our services, any references you made to your friends and family, your activity on the website, your booking history, user taps and clicks, time spent on the platform and the details about the use journey on the platform

  • Along with this, we also collect the statistical or demographic data for any other purposes.



In the situations where we need the information for sure by law and under the terms of contact, if you deny the access to the information, then we might not be able to help you with our services and you can only gain limited access to any of our services.



We use the cookies to save some data like your preference in different aspects for more future visits to the website. We ensure you these cookies are of no harm to your system or your information. We only collect information service-specific to provide you more concentrated attention and help in all aspects.

Cookies are small files that any service provider transfers to your device’s hard drive through the browser when you give the required permissions. The first time, you open our website; the permission box will be appeared on the console for you to accept. Cookies enable the sites or service providers’ system to recognize your browser and capture and also to remember certain information like the forms filled.

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